Fierce Competition – Angie Savage and Carli Banks


Fierce Competition starring Angie Savage, Carli Banks and Loren Chance
Angie and Carli are coworkers competing for a desirable position working under Loren. First Loren has invited the sexy executives to her house to talk about the promotion. While she’s out of the room, the two hot blondes drug each others drinks while each is distracted. When Loren returns to conduct an informal interview, the girls start to get dazed and sleepy. They seem foggy-minded and struggle to answer the simple questions asked of them. After lots of yawning and falling all over the couch, the two girls pass out cold. Loren is completely confounded, but she knows a golden opportunity when she sees it! She takes full advantage of the two unconscious vixens, first fondling Carli and opening her blouse. Then, she takes off Angie’s business suit and bra, leaving the gorgeous blonde wearing only sexy lace panties. Loren strips Carli down to her panties and then unabashedly molests the two passed out underlings. She makes them grope themselves and each other by manipulating their heavy limbs. She poses them so that they are caressing each other in dirty ways and takes pictures of them. When the girls come to, confused and embarrassed, Angie’s holding a bottle of liquor and Carliā€™s holding Angie’s tit. Loren informs them that, unless they want everyone in the office to see the pictures she is just taken, the hot executives are now her office slaves. Scene #KOB0146
19 minutes. The photo set contains 89 photos. MP4 640×480

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