Fallen Star – Star Nine


Fallen Star starring Star Nine
Looking incredibly hot in a short dress and heels, Star come home from a party and is immediately attacked from behind by an intruder with a chloroform cloth. Star puts up a fight but soon her eyes roll back and she passes out and crumples to the floor. After some sexy fondling, Star’s limp body is dragged to the bed. The guy ties her up while she is still unconscious. When she awakens, despite her pleading, he packs her mouth and gags her with tape. Left alone, Star struggles hard. She gets her shoes off for some nice barefoot shots. She gets up and hops to the living room but the guy catches her. Star endures some humiliating groping. Star whimpers in fear as the guy soaks the chloroform cloth in front of her. He clasps the rag over her face and, although still bound and gagged, she struggles. But the drug takes effect and star falls unconscious again. Scene #KOTI0209
18 minutes. The photo set contains 79 photos. 1280×640

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