Fainting Cousins – Chrissy Marie, Star Nine


Fainting Cousins starring Star Nine and Chrissy Marie

A fun clip for fans of fainting! Star is happy that her cousin Chrissy has come to visit but she has a secret she wants to tell her. She tells Chrissy the secret is about porn. Chrissy’s eyes roll back and she faints. Star moves Chrissy’s limbs around, trying to revive her. When Chrissy awakens, the girls stand up and Star starts talking again…but Chrissy faints again! Star tries to revive her again. Chrissy wakes up and isn’t that shocked by Star’s news. But when she tells Star a secret of her own, Star’s eyes roll back and she faints!. Now it’s Chrissy’s turn to try to wake her friend up. She does wake up but then faints again. Finally, both girls stand up. But some more shocking news makes both girls fall limp to the sofa! In addition to being fun and sexy, the clip looks incredible. 10 minutes. Scene #KOB0685 1920 x 1080

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