Exploring Her Sleepy Fantasies – Charlotte Stokely


Exploring Her Sleepy Fantasies starring Charlotte Stokely
Charlotte is at her most beautiful and appealing in this incredibly erotic story. She and co-star Tim Woodman have great on screen chemistry. In a previous scene (KOB0567 – Wake Up!) Charlotte had passed out and Tim was playing with her body. This turned Charlotte on so she sexily asks Tim if he wants to knock her out again. Of course he does! He soaks a cloth and approaches her from behind. When he clasps the cloth over her face, she struggles hard so he stops. She tells him she wants to struggle to make it seem more dangerous. He chloroforms her again. She struggles then her eyes roll and she passes out in his arms. He holds her upright for a while, playing with her luscious body and peaceful face. He puts her on the floor for more manipulation then picks her up in his arms and hold her for a while. Then he places her in a chair and removes her dress and bra, leaving her in just sheer pantyhose. He does some great face manipulation, including eye checks. When she starts to awaken, he chloroforms her again. He drags her to the sofa and puts her in several unusual poses before removing her pantyhose. She awakens and is very happy. She seductively leads Tim into the bathroom and tells him to soak her pantyhose in chloro. He chloroforms her from behind and takes her to the bedroom. When she wakes up again, he uses the soaked pantyhose the knock her out again. The outtakes include some footage of Charlotte being knocked out and acting unconscious but mostly it is footage of her joking around and modeling her feet and pantyhose. Scene #KOB0570

56 minutes. The outtakes are 6 minutes. The photo set has 185 photos. 1280×680

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