Eve’s Slave Training – Eva Long, Sablique Von Lux



Eve’s Slave Training starring Eva Long and Sablique Von Lux
Eva is the perfect slave and Sablique is her cruel Mistress in this unusual and erotic scene. The location is really creepy. Slave Eva is standing with arms bound above her and ankles bound together. She looks incredible as she struggles and squirms sensuously. Sablique enters and immediately takes charge, caressing and intimidating Eva who whimpers and pleads for punishment. Sablique uses a riding crop to smack Eva’s ass and tits and to sensuously tease her. Sablique whips Eva’s ass, which gets fairly intense. Sablique leaves her slave alone. Eva continues to squirm. Next, Eva is bound in a similar position but with her legs apart. Again, she struggles for a while before Sablique comes in to discipline her. Eva’s body squirms with sexual tension as the powerful Mistress teases and torments her with the riding crop. A thrilling bondage scene! We had a second camera on a tripod while we were shooting this scene. The footage from that camera along with the outtakes are also available. So, it’s a single shot from one angle with no close ups. You don’t see the camera man walking around but you do see the camera and a light sticking into the shot sometimes. There are a few outtakes at the end including shots of the models posing for photos and of Sablique tying Eva. Scene #BG0779

MP4 1920×1080. The scene is 25 minutes. The second camera and outtakes footage is 22 minutes.

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