Everything Goes Dark – Carissa Montgomery



Everything Goes Dark staring Carissa Montgomery
Carissa is sexy and cruel in this hot POV clip. You’ve been captured and tied to a chair and criminal Carissa is in charge. She taunts and threatens you. Then she takes out a bottle of liquid and soaks a cloth with it. She torments you, applying the cloth to your face for a few seconds at a time and then pulling it away. She terrifies you by telling you what she might do to you while you’re out. She gives you a short break when she applies the cloth to her own face just for fun. Her eyes roll and she gets turned on, rubbing her breasts. She decides to put you to sleep for a while. After holding the cloth to your face a few times, she holds it there until everything goes dark. 16 minutes. Scene #KOB0714
MP4 1920×1080 (500MB)

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