Entranced to Party – Ember Stone and Sablique Von Lux


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Entranced to Party starring Ember Stone and Sablique Von Lux
College girl Ember is working hard on her homework when best friend Sablique tries to get her to go to a party. Nerdy Ember wants to stay home and study so Sablique introduces her to a relaxation technique. She tells her to stare into a flashing light and listen to a recording. Ember reluctantly tries it. Soon she finds herself drawn to the light. The voice tells her to relax and eventually to go to sleep. Then it tells her to wake up and to do as she is commanded. The entranced Ember walks with arms outstretched to the other room. Sablique is thrilled and orders Ember to put on a sexy outfit. Ember strips and gets dressed in some hot leggings and boots. Sablique tells her glassy eyed friend that she is now a party girl, ready for fun. She snaps her fingers and Ember is transformed. All she wants to know is where the party is! Later, the girls come home and make out passionately. Ember has to pee so she snaps her fingers, putting Ember in a trance. When Sablique returns, she plays with her entranced friend briefly before turning her back into the party girl. This is a really fun, sexy clip. Both girls give fine performances and Ember’s glassy eyed look is great. Scene #STR0141
The scene is 16 minutes. MP4 is 1920×1080.

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