Entranced Fetish Slave – Madam RavenRae


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Entranced Fetish Slave starring Madam RavenRae
Raven is hot as hell and her performance is fantastic in this fun sexy mind control scene. Raven is sleeping when her pervy boyfriend starts playing with her. Stuck up Raven is pissed. She doesn’t like fetishes. The guy convinces her to watch a video to relax her and make her more open to new things. As she stares at the tv, she slowly goes into a trance. A voice tells her to obey her boyfriends commands. The guy brings Raven into the bedroom. Withe a snap of his fingers, he transforms Raven into a slutty girl who is open to anything. She happily agrees to one foot worship and totally enjoys it when he kisses them. Raven is put back in the trance. He snaps his fingers again and Raven sexily strips down to her bra and panties. He ties her up and fondles her but he finds it strangely unsatisfying now that it is no longer taboo. He gags Raven and plays with her some more but he soon grows tired of it and puts her back in the trance. Raven responds Yes Master through her gag. Next, Raven is in very sexy dress with black stockings. The guy snaps his fingers and Raven puts on a sexy fetish show, modeling, showing her panties and slipping off her stockings. The guy enjoys it but, again, it’s too easy. He tries to turn Raven back into the stuck up girl he loves but finds that he can’t! Scene #STR0140

The scene is 22 minutes. MP4 1920×1080.

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