Entranced by an App – Sinn Sage


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Entranced by an App starring Sinn Sage
Sinn gets up in the middle of the night to say hello to her roommate Drake. Drake has an app on his phone that is supposed to put you in an entranced state. Sinn is skeptical but when she looks at it, she is instantly entranced. Drake is thrilled and tells Sinn that she is under his control. Every time he gives her a command, she replies ‘yes master’. Drake fondles Sinn and orders her to strip off her nightgown. He snaps his fingers and turns her into a slutty girl who throws herself at him. They make out for a while then he puts her back in the trance. With a snap of his fingers, Drake makes Sinn fall asleep and fall limply to the couch. Once she’s asleep, Drake enjoys groping her hot body and tits. He makes her stand for more fondling before making her fall asleep again. Then, he orders her to go to the bedroom and wait for him. Scene #STR0143
The scene is 14 minutes. MP4 640×480.

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