Entranced and Limp – Diana Grace



Entranced and Limp starring Diana Grace

A hot clip combining hypnosis and sleepy fetish! Diana is hauntingly beautiful and, with her expressive eyes, is excellent at limp fetish and at being mesmerized. Diana is hanging out at home with her boyfriend. He wants to have an intimate night with his stunning girlfriend and puts his arms around Diana. He’s disappointed when she tells him she’s not in the mood. He suggests playing their “game” and Diana agrees. He holds his phone, with the image of a spinning spiral, in front of Diana’s face. Diana stares into the spiral while her lover caresses her face and speaks to her in a calming voice. He tells her to relax and go into a deep trance. He tells Diana he will count down from 10 and at 1, she will go to sleep. As he counts, Diana’s eyes begin to flutter. He reaches 1 and she goes limp. He quickly begins playing with Diana’s body, groping her breasts and gently touching her face. He also does eye checks. He stands her up and puts her into some sexy poses. Then, he looks into her eyes and, stroking her face, he talks her into an even deeper trance. Using a trigger word, he makes his luscious lover pass out and then wake up a few times. Each times, he gropes and plays with her limp body. At one point, he picks her up in his arms. Removing her shoes, he rubs her sexy feet. Then, he makes her go limp and carries her away in his arms. A few seconds of fun outtakes are included. 22 minutes. Scene #KOB0730

HD MP4 1920×1080 868MB

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