Entranced and Knocked Out – Sheena Shaw


Entranced and Knocked Out starring Sheena Shaw
Cute Sheena comes to Dr.Donovan for help with her anxiety problem. The doctor proposes putting her in a trance and swings a silver watch in front of Sheena’s eyes. Sheena goes into a trance and the doctor takes the opportunity to grope her tits. But Sheena comes out of the trance and is upset so he has to use the watch to entrance her again. Evil Donovan douses a cloth in chloroform and presses it to Sheena’s face. Sheena snaps out of the trance and struggles a bit but it is too late. Her eyes roll back and she passes out. Donovan plays with Sheena’s limp body as well as her face. When she awakens, he chloroforms her again. While Donovan plays with Sheena’s bare feet, she wakes up again. He chloroforms her and strips her naked. He fondles her whole body, turning her over on the couch to play with her luscious ass. She awakens and he quickly mesmerizes her. He then hands her the chloroform-soaked cloth and orders her to knock herself unconscious. Scene #KOB0442

29 minutes. The photo set contains 189 photos. MP4 640×480

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