Enjoying Her Hostage – Trisha Uptown and Loren Chance


Enjoying Her Hostage starring Trisha Uptown and Loren Chance
We have been big fans of Trisha for many years and we are thrilled that she is finally in some of our scenes. She is really beautiful and sweet and she does a great job in this hot scene. Evil Loren has been given the job of keeping Trisha from testifying in criminal trial. When Trisha comes home, looking lovely in short dress, sheer tan pantyhose and heels, Loren stalks her through the house, waiting for the right time to pounce on her. When Trisha sits on the couch, Loren pops up from behind and chloroforms her. Trisha fights hard but the drug takes effect, her eyes roll back and she slips into unconsciousness. Loren manipulates Trisha’s limp body and fondles her, pulling her top down, her skirt up and her shoes off. Later, Trisha wakes up and staggers away only to be caught by Loren and chloroformed again. Loren drags Trisha back to the couch where she strips her to just her pantyhose and fondles her heavily. Trisha awakens again and staggers to the bedroom. Loren follows her and clasps the chloroform over her face. Trisha puts up a good struggle but she soon passes out and falls face down onto the bed. Loren yanks off Trisha’s nylons and plays with her delicious naked body. When Trisha awakens again, Loren has had enough. She soaks Trisha’s pantyhose in chloroform and ties them over her face. Trisha passes out and Loren leaves her there. The exciting outtakes include unused footage from the chloroform scenes. Scene #KOB0338
28 minutes. The outtakes are 5 minutes. The photo set contains 158 photos. MP4 640×480

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