Enjoying Each Other’s Bodies – Rosalyn Sphinx, Jolene Hexx



Enjoying Each Others Bodies starring Rosalyn Sphinx and Jolene Hexx
These 2 unique beauties play sleep/limp games, giving special attention to each other’s bellies and belly buttons! In Clip 1, Jolene seems strangely attracted to Rosalyn’s belly button. When Rosalyn gets uncomfortable and starts to leave, Jolene uses a cloth to subdue her friend. While Jolene plays with her belly button, Rosalyn goes limp. On the sofa, Jolene removes Rosalyn’s sneakers and then, of course, plays with her belly button, caressing and licking it. When Rosalyn wakes up, she’s totally turned on and wants to use the cloth on Jolene! Jolene is happy to oblige. She goes into the kitchen, allowing Rosalyn to soak the cloth and hide. When Jolene returns, Rosalyn puts her to sleep like an expert. On the sofa, Rosalyn manipulates Jolene’s body for a minute then really gets into playing with her belly button. Jolene wakes up and the girls decide to go again. Rosalyn sits with her back to Jolene and Jolene applies the cloth. Rosalyn is still a little shocked and struggles. But soon, her beautiful eyes roll back and she goes limp. Jolene enjoys Rosalyn’s limp body, strips her to bra and panties and indulges heavily in her belly button fetish. Rosalyn awakens and the girls are excited to do it again. In Clip 2, Jolene sits on the couch and Rosalyn clasps the cloth over her face. Jolene’s eyes roll back and she goes limp. Rosalyn strips Jolene to her bra and panties and plays with her a bit before turning her attention to Jolene’s belly, caressing and licking it. Jolene awakens and the girls decide to keep playing. Rosalyn sits in a chair and Jolene slaps the cloth over her face from behind. Rosalyn puts up a bit of resistance but then her eyes roll back and she goes limp. Jolene carries her to the bedroom for some more manipulation and belly worship. When Rosalyn wakes up, Jolene says she’s tired and doesn’t want to go again. But Rosalyn pushes the cloth in her face anyway. Jolene fights a little but then goes limp. Rosalyn starts licking Jolene’s belly. But when Jolene wakes up, she puts the cloth on her belly and pushes Rosalynand#8217;s face into it! Rosalyn breathes the fumes and goes to sleep. Jolene then holds the cloth to her own face and goes limp with Rosalyn’s head on her belly. A few minutes of fun outtakes are included. They contain other takes of the chloro scenes and a short interview where the girls talk about limp/sleepy fetish. Scene #KOB0717
HD MP4.  Clip 1 is 33 minutes (1.3GB), Clip 2 is 26 minutes (HD 797MB).

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