Electrifying Torment – Mary Jane and Ariel Anderssen


Electrifying Torment starring Mary Jane Green and Ariel Anderssen
Ariel is sound asleep in adorably sexy pajamas when a swarthy intruder grabs her and hand-gags her, menacing her with his big steel weapon. He ties her tightly and cleave gags her, then fondles her lean, gorgeous body and torments her with his pistol. He leaves her alone to struggle helplessly while he goes to capture her roommate.  Mary Jane is grabbed in bed and tied up in the same brutal manner. The villain brings both girls to his home, bound and blindfolded. He threatens, fondles and terrorizes them as they kneel on the hard floor. There is a brilliantly creepy psychological aspect to his prolonged torture and torment! Then, the girls are bound completely naked to wooden chairs, with electrodes and clamps biting into their exposed nipples. They struggle for awhile before the intruder returns to pump electricity into their sexy, convulsing flesh. The bastard alternately gropes and zaps the girls until they are barely conscious. Later, the girls are bound in a different cruel position. Bandage gags muffle their plaintive cries as they try desperately to get out of their bondage. Finally, they get free of their vicious ropes and exact a grisly revenge. This scene has a wildly entertaining conclusion! Scene #BG0124
MP4 640×480. 36 minutes. The photo set contains 104 photos. 

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