Electrifying Adventures – Anastasia Pierce, Charlie Laine


Electrifying Adventures starring Anastasia Pierce, Charlie Laine and Tori Sinclair
Anastasia and Charlie are super-sexy superheroines infiltrating a villain-infested lair of evil. First, the girls unwittingly stumble into an immobilizing magnetic field. The force pins their boots to the ground. Removing the boots from their nyloned feet, they attempt to escape but a thick burst of knock out gas oozes out of the wall and into their lungs. The gas slowly renders them woozy and disoriented. Charlie passes out in Anastasias lap, and Anastasia crumples on top of her. Then, the girls are unconscious, topless, and bound to a table. Sinister villainess Cobra (Tori) enters the room and starts to fondle the two passed out hotties. She spends a long time groping their succulent tits and kissing their naked flesh. She attaches electrodes to their nipples and the soles of their stocking feet. Eventually the girls wake up to find themselves so cruelly bound and gagged. They struggle and whimper but cannot get free. Cobra turns on the current, sending painful electricity through the incredibly hot and vulnerable bodies of our heroines. Will they get free or get fried? You will have to watch to find out! 16 minutes. Scene #SHKT0005
MP4 640×480

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