Egg Nog Knock Out – Cali Logan


Egg Nog Knock Out starring Cali Logan
Cali is cute and helpless in this fun holiday scene. Cali is at an office holiday party and has gotten a little tipsy. There are only 2 other people left at the party and they happen to be lecherous guys. One of them pours some egg nog for Cali and spikes it with a sedative. Cali drinks it and quickly becomes very tired. She tries to stay awake and gets up to leave. But she falls back unconscious. One of the guys fondles Cali through her hot business skirt and red tights. He places her on the coffee table and strips off most of her clothes. The other guy pulls off Calis boots and tights leaving her naked and vulnerable. The groping of her luscious body continues as the scene ends. Scene #KOB418
13 minutes. MP4 640×480

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