Dying of Thirst – Sinn Sage


Dying of Thirst starring Sinn Sage
Sinn is brilliant as a tortured superheroine. Phantom Girl shows up at the villain Steve Steeles secret hideout. But he is been expecting her, and when she walks through the door, a heavy box falls on her head and knocks her unconscious. When she wakes up, Phantom Girl is bound to a chair with her lovely tits exposed and is gagged with cloth. She looks really hot in her form-fitting spandex outfit and she is barefoot. Steve tapes wires to her nipples and places a metal conductor on her head, then administers electric shocks. Phantom Girl shakes and squeals from and finally passes out from the shock. She wakes up tied in a kneeling position with her hands bound to a rope from the ceiling. She whimpers and writhes around helplessly for a while, then Steve shows up and knocks her out by striking her over the head with a club. Later, she is bound standing up with arms apart. Steve taunts her and whips her with a leather whip, then shines a really bright light right in her eyes. Later, Phantom Girl is still tied in the same position. She has been deprived of water all along and is horribly thirsty. Steve teases her by drinking a big glass of water in front of her. The bastard even spits water on Phantom Girls chest. Later, Steve gags her with a rubber ball and zaps her with a ray gun, making her very weak. Finally, he pours some water on the floor and unties her. Phantom girl gets down on her knees (ass in the air) and starts lapping up the puddle like a dog. The outtakes are great. There’s not much for KO fans (sorry) but bondage fans will love the shots of Sinn being tied and gagged. Scene #SHKT0008
38 minutes. The outtakes are 16 minutes. The photo set has 171 photos.

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