Double Revenge – Charlie Laine, Anastasia Pierce and Sophia


Double Revenge starring Charlie Laine, Anastasia Pierce and Sophia
Anastasia is out for revenge against former co-workers Charlie and Sophia because they got her fired. Charlie, looking very cute in a sexy dress and pantyhose, is grabbed in the kitchen and chloroformed. After putting up a good fight, her eyes roll back and flutter and her body goes limp. Anastasia picks her up and carries her in her arms to the couch. When Sophia comes home, she meets the same fate. She also fights hard and does some great eye-rolling before falling unconscious. The girls are placed on a bed where Anastasia strips them to their pantyhose and fondles their luscious bodies. The girls awaken to find themselves securely bound and gagged. They struggle hard but can not free themselves. Anastasia returns and chloroforms both of them again. Later, Anastasia returns to find that the girls have escaped. Before she can react, the girls sneak up and knock her out with chloroform. They take their own revenge by stripping Anastasia’s limp body and fondling her all over. Scene #KOB0343
17 minutes. The photo set contains 146 photos. MP4 640×480

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