Double Double Crossed – Ashley Lane, Violet October



Double Double Crossed starring Ashley Lane and Violet October
When sexy superheroine Ashley comes to meet her nemesis Violet, she expects to get some classified information from her. Instead, she gets captured! Ashley sneaks up on her and uses a cloth to put Ashley to sleep. Great eye rolling from Ashley! The subdued super heroine awakens bound to a chair with a ballgag silencing her protests. Violet has fun with her captive, groping and teasing her. Ashley’s body looks incredible as she strains against her ropes. Violet soaks a cloth and torture Ashley with it, pressing it to her face for a few seconds and then removing it. Finally, she makes Ashley go to sleep. Villainous Donovan arrives and praises Violet’s work. But then clasps the cloth over her face. After some great struggling and eye rolling, Violet goes to sleep and is laid down on Ashley’s lap. The girls awaken bound back to back, gagged with cloth. They struggle hard for a while. But their struggling gets more and more frantic when they notice that the room is filling with gas. The gas slowly takes effect and the girls become very tired, barely able to keep their eyes open. Ashley manages to free herself and is about to leave when her conscience makes her return and untie Violet. The girls can barely make it to the door. But, in an unusual ending for one of our videos, they do escape. A few short outtakes are included. The gas is a special effect. It looks pretty good but doesn’t obscure the girls too much. 21 minutes.  Scene #SHKT0049
MP4 1920×1080

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