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Dominated Doms – Anastasia Pierce, Tori Sinclair, Darby

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Dominated Doms starring Darby, Tori Sinclair and Anastasia Pierce
Darby works as the secretary in a dungeon, and her poor performance is aggravating Mistresses Tori and Anastasia. The angry dominatrixes confront Darby about all the frustrating mistakes she is making. In response to their cruel attack, Darby gives them bracelets, not revealing the fact that the jewelry has secret mesmerizing qualities. Darby activates the bracelets with a remote and the leather-clad mistresses fall immediately into a trance. Using the remote, Darby forces the ladies to stand and dance the tango. Then she commands her new slaves to strip her completely naked and worship her. The mistresses caress and kiss her feet, legs, and thighs, and her smooth milky skin. The hot body worshipping continues. Then Darby gets dressed in a tight-fitting dominatrix outfit of her own and commands her entranced slaves to behave like true submissives. The gorgeous girls cower at Darby’s feet and willingly offer up their firm asses to be cropped and spanked by Mistress Darby. When she is through tormenting them, she leaves them in an obedient trance, kneeling on the floor. 16 minutes. Scene #STR0045
 MP4 640×480

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