Disoriented Housewives – Sofia, Charlie Lane & Anastasia


Disoriented Housewives starring Sofia, Charlie Lane and Anastasia Pierce
First, hot housewives Sofia, Charlie and Anastasia are hanging out, talking about their wonderful husbands. when the phone rings, Anastasia answers it and, suddenly, she is in a trance. She zombie-walks away, leaving her friends confused and concerned. The phone rings again and Sophia answers it. She is entranced too and she zombie-walks over to Anastasia. Charlie freaks out and tries to awaken her friends from the trance. The phone rings again and it is Charlie’s husband Steve. She is relieved but, suddenly, she is entranced too! She zombie-walks to the door and lets Steve in, he is the one behind all this! He has a video camera and, with the girls under his total control, he starts making a dirty movie. First, he makes Charlie perform an erotic striptease. He has her stop, then makes Sofia do the same. Next, it is Anastasia’s turn, Steve orders the other two girls to strip Anastasia’s clothes off. Steve commands the girls to do an erotic dance. Then he has them act out a lesbian scene (as if they are on a porn set) in which Sofia has to throw herself all over Charlie. Later, Anastasia shows up and joins in on the fun. Soon, we have a three-way grope-fest between all the babes. Then, Steve commands the girls to dress in very sexy lingerie and then to model for him! He has them strip and grope each other some more. Finally, he has them get dressed again and commands them to forget everything that happened. He orders the girls to sit casually on the couch and wakes them from the trance as he leaves. The girls continue chatting as if nothing happened. Scene #STR0066
23 minutes. The photo set contains 106 photos. MP4 640×480

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