Disgruntled Dyke – Mary Jane Green and Nina Neon


Disgruntled Dyke starring Mary Jane Green and Nina Neon
Hot businesswoman Nina invites innocent employee Mary Jane over for dinner. Nina is hot for MJ so she drugs her drink. As Mary Jane grows tired and disoriented, Nina starts undressing and fondling her. Mary Janes eyes roll up in her head as Nina continues to grope her. Once MJ is unconscious, Nina takes off her own blouse, revealing her perfect tits. Nina pops Mary Janes tits out of her bra and sucks on them sensuously. Later, Mary Jane, still unconscious, is ball-gagged and bound in an interesting position on the couch in just her bra and sheer black pantyhose. Nina enters wearing a sexy nightie and molests Mary Jane some more. When MJ wakes up, Nina strips totally nude and tortures Mary Jane with unwanted lesbian lust. Then, she gets a pair of scissors and cuts off Mary Janes pantyhose to reveal a sexy trimmed bush. Nina continues to molest her, getting more passionate and horny. Eventually Mary Jane starts to enjoy it and moans with pleasure. 25 minutes. Scene #KOTI0054
┬áMP4 640×480

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