Diana’s Endless Torment – Diana Grace and Brooke Johnson


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Diana’s Endless Torment starring Diana Grace and Brooke Johnson
Gorgeous Diana is secured to a makeshift rack and endures relentless abuse from Brooke and guest villain Tim Woodman. In Clip 1, Diana comes home from jogging, unaware that Tim and Brooke are waiting to pounce on her. Diana is grabbed and chloroformed. The villains enjoy groping Diana’s limp body. She awakens cuffed to the rack and struggles hard.  When Brooke and Tim enter, Diana pleads for release. Her captors respond by groping her hot body all over. Then, they turn the gears on the rack and Diana screams in pain as she is stretched. They torture Diana with electric shock. Diana’s shorts are pulled down and her top is pulled off, leaving her in just panties. Her top is used to blindfold her and Brooke and Tim use ice cubes to further torment the helpless Diana. In Clip 2, Diana is fully nude. After blindfolding her, Brooke and Tim use a flogger and riding crop to smack Diana’s vulnerable flesh. After more torment with ice cubes, the villains take turns using a vibrator on Diana.  Diana moans loudly as they bring her to an intense orgasm. Diana says her safe word, revealing that she has been a willing participant all along. Diana is released from the table and enjoys another orgasm courtesy of Brooke and Tim and the vibrator.  Clip 1 is 28 minutes. Clip 2 is 22 minutes. The Photo Set has 113 photos. Scene #BG0892

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