Detour to Captivity – Jolene Hexx and Jenna Noelle


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Detour to Captivity starring Jolene Hexx and Jenna Noelle
Jenna is moving away so her co-worker Jolene takes her out for drinks.  But Jolene has another motive. She hits Jenna on the head, knocking her unconscious.  Jenna awakens bound and gagged with tape! Jolene tells her that she is selling her as a sex slave. Then she gropes Jenna’s luscious body. She even takes photos of her to send to potential buyers. Later, the boss of the slavery ring shows up so Jolene strips Jenna and shows her off to him. The boss is pleased but informs Jolene that he actually needs 2 girls. We next see both girls gagged and tightly bound with hands over head. They struggle hard but there is no escape. The scene is 25 minutes which includes about 8 minutes of great outtakes. There is also an outtakes clip which is sold separately. Shot with a second camera, it contains alternate angles of some of the action. It’s 15 minutes. Scene #BG0889

HD MP4 1920 x 1080

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