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Detectives Make the Best Slaves – Nina Neon, Eve Ellis, Tori


Detectives Make the Best Slaves starring Eve Ellis, Nina Neon and Tori Sinclair
A thrilling crime story with 3 of our all time greatest actresses and a scary villain! In clip 1, hot detective Eve tells her partner Nina that she plans to bring down evil sex slave baron Tori Sinclair, who kidnaps girls after luring them into phony job interviews. Sworn to avenge her sister who disappeared into the slave trade, Eve schedules an interview with Tori. Eve shows up for the interview while Nina waits outside as backup. When Eve steps into Toris office, a thug creeps up behind her and chloroforms her. Eve struggles to resist the effects of the drug, but her efforts are futile and she soon falls unconscious. Tori gropes and licks Eves amazing tits and luscious nipples. When Eve wakes up, she finds herself tied up kneeling on the floor, with her arms bound behind her back and suspended by a rope tied to the ceiling. She is dressed in sexy black lingerie, sheer black stockings and long gloves. Tori plays with Eves tits some more and sucks on her erect nipple, leaving a lipstick stain. Tori leaves her there to whimper and suffer for a while. Nina, having seen Eve chloroformed through the window, heads inside, where she discovers Eve tied up. The henchman sneaks up on Nina and chloroforms her while Eve struggles, horrified. Tori marches Nina and Eve in to her living room. They are tied up, cleave gagged and wearing nothing but high heels and panties, their unbelievable bodies exposed and vulnerable. Tori, now in a PVC dominatrix outfit, gropes and taunts them mercilessly. She has a particular fascination with rubbing their bare tits together. She grips both girls up and forces them to grind into each others unclothed flesh. Later, the girls are bound more securely. Eve is forced to wear a collar and padlocked ankle cuffs, while Nina must endure buckled leather straps all over her body. Tori comes back and torments them some more, forcing their heads together so they can have a gagged kiss. Tori is quite the nasty villain. She even pulls their hair! She tells Eve she knows who she is and that her sister is long-gone. Tori leaves them alone for a while. Her henchman shows up and the girls seduce him into removing their gags and untying them with the promise of quality time at a later date. In clip 2, the detectives and the henchman join together to chloroform Tori. The henchman holds her down while Eve forces her to breathe in the fumes. Tori awakens to find herself gagged with duct tape and tied up on the living room floor in lacy lingerie and high heels. Nina and Eve come in and torment her for a bit, then leave her there, humiliated. Garth, the henchman decides that he is in charge and Nina, Eve and Tori all find themselves bound and gagged at his mercy. Nina and Eve are in skimpy red lingerie, Tori still in her lingerie as well, and all of them are gagged with red tape. Tori is tied cross-legged which looks quite uncomfortable. The henchman leaves the girls alone for a while. They squirm and moan to no avail while the camera offers up plenty of great angles. In clip 3, Garth decides to have some fun with the ladies before putting them up for sale. In one room, Eve is dressed in a black PVC outfit and high heels and is hogtied and ball gagged on the floor. She twists and turns and whimpers helplessly. In the other room, Nina and Tori are barefoot, bound back to back and thrashing about wildly in some sexy outfits. Nina, Eve and Tori are all provocatively dressed, gagged and tied standing with arms overhead. Garth unties Tori under the condition that she let him in on some of the company revenues and give him some fringe benefits. After some more tormenting, Tori and Garth leave Eve and Nina to suffer alone. Included on clip 3 are some great outtakes and behind the scenes footage including some alternate takes of the chloroform scenes and shots of the girls in bondage. Scene #BG0351
MP4 640×480. Clip 1 is 28 minutes. Clip 2 is 18 minutes. Clip 3 is 22 minutes.

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