Detectives in Danger – Mary Jane and Ariel Anderssen


Detectives in Danger starring Mary Jane Green and Ariel Anderssen
Mary Jane and Ariel are super sexy private detectives in this bondage story featuring lots of on-screen tying. The girls look sensational in tiny blouses, incredibly short skirts, silky hose, and sexy high heels as they break into the secret hideout of notorious criminal, Jack Banner. But Banner is wise to their sneaky attack, so he greets them in the kitchen with a gun and a handful of rope. He forces Mary Jane to tie Ariel, then he ties Mary Jane. Jack gags the girls with cloth and packing and leaves them in frightening peril–he turns on the gas stove and leaves a lit cigarette nearby! The girls struggle desperately to get free before the gas ignites. They look amazing, their long luscious legs are everywhere as they thrash around on the floor. Will they escape before the explosion? You will have to watch to find out! Scene #BG0122
12 minutes. MP4 640×480

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