Detective Practice – Samantha Ryan


Detective Practice starring Samantha Ryan
Beautiful Samantha is training to be a detective. She has to learn how to escape if she is tied up so she asks her friends to help her. Looking lovely in a skirt, blouse and pantyhose, she is tightly bound to a chair. She struggles but is unable to escape. She tells her friends she also needs to be gagged and she soon finds herself with a shiny cloth tied over her mouth. Still unable to free herself, she works her shoes off, releases herself from the chair and hops to another chair, where she struggles some more. She squirms across the floor and finds a screwdriver. She finally manages to work herself loose but not before we are treated to some great foot close ups. Then Samantha goes to work on her first case. In shiny black leggings and sexy top, she sneaks into an office to do some investigating. But a villain sneaks in and hits her on the head, knocking her out. She awakens securely bound and gagged. She squirms from the chair onto the floor, works the shoes off her stockinged feet and tries hard to free herself. Climbing onto another chair, she tries to use her feet to make a call on a cell phone. It does not work. But, with some more struggling she is able to get loose and escape. Samantha returns to the same office, posing as a temp employee. She looks very cute in a short skirt, pantyhose and a red wig. But she is caught and the wig is removed before she is bound and gagged. She struggles hard and takes her shoes off but she is unable to escape. She tries making a phone call but that does not work either.  Finally, she gets herself untied and sneaks out. About 5 minutes of outtakes are included with the complete scene or with Clip 3. Scene #BG0644

56 minutes (1GB), MP4 1280×680

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