Detective in Extreme Distress – Carissa, Mary Jane


Detective in Extreme Distress starring Carissa Montgomery and Mary Jane Green
Curvy detective Carissa sneaks into the home of a master criminal. Her dress is incredible! She confronts the guy but his accomplice Mary Jane sneaks up behind her and clasps a rag over her face. She struggles but the drug takes effect, her eyes cross and she passes out. Mary Jane holds her up for a while and sways back and forth with her limp body. Carissa is tossed on a chair where Mary Jane fondles her before dragging her away. Carissa awakens tightly bound to a chair. She tries to reason with her captors but MJ packs her mouth and holds it in with another cloth pulled between her teeth. Carissa struggles hard, eventually removing her shoes. She hops across the room but is caught. MJ and the villain cruelly discuss what to do with Carissa and they decide to bind and gag her extremely securely. MJ soaks a cloth in front of Carissa’s eyes and knocks her out with it. Poor Carissa, still bound and gagged, struggles before passing out. Carissa finds herself completely encased in a pair of pantyhose, all the way from her toes to her shoulders (her luscious tits are not encased). She is also bound with rope. MJ applies a horrifying gag. She packs Carissa’s mouth with a wad of cloth, pulls a cloth between her teeth, pulls some pantyhose over her head and then ties another gag over that! Carissa pleads through her gag as she struggles on the bed. But her torment is not over yet. The evil pair return and Mary Jane secures Carissa to the bed frame at the ankles and the neck. Carissa is blindfolded and left there to an uncertain fate. The fun outtakes include lots of footage of Carissa being bound and a bit of extra footage from the knock outs. Scene #KOTI0211
25 minutes. The outtakes are 7 minutes. 1280×640. The photo set contains 114 photos.

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