Detective in Distress – Jolene Hexx


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Detective in Distress starring Jolene Hexx
Hot detective Jolene goes undercover as a model to investigate vicious criminal Victor. When he catches her snooping around, Victor grabs Jolene and carries her off. She ends up hogtied with duct tape and gagged. She struggles hard and eventually is able to hop into the hallway. But Victor grabs her again and carries her away over his shoulder. Jolene is tied to a post with lots of rope…and tape. She pleads through her gag as Victor explains that he plans to sell her as a slave. Jolene struggles as much as she can but it is hopeless. Later, she’s bound with hands over head and tightly gagged. Victor tells her that he plans to torture and interrogate her while his customers watch on a livestream. The Outtakes include some shots of Jolene being tied and lots of second camera footage which shows the action from different angles. Scene #BG0898

MP4 – 1920×1080. The Scene is 27 minutes (1.2GB). Outtakes are 18 minutes (841GB). The Photo Set has 100 photos.

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