Detective in Danger – Cory Lane and Nina Neon


Detective in Danger starring Cory Lane and Nina Neon
Tammi (Cory Lane) is a detective hot on the trail of sexy criminal Nina. She looks incredible in black leather pants and sexy top. First, Tammi tries to set Nina up in a phony deal for some nonexistent illegal merchandise. But when Tammi shows up, hoping to trap her nemesis, she herself becomes the captive! Nina and her henchman Sinclare hold Tammi at gunpoint and tie her up in the bedroom. Nina takes off her own stockings and stuffs one in Tammis mouth. Sinclare pulls another cloth between Tammis teeth to keep her completely quiet. They shove Tammi in the closet, where she does some adorable whimpering as she struggles to free herself. Finally she gets out of the closet and squirms her way down the hall where she gets untied. She tries to capture Nina but Sinclare returns and holds her at gunpoint. Then, Nina and her accomplice tie Tammi up once again. Wishing to further humiliate the detective, Nina removes Tammis boots and socks and stuffs one of the sweaty socks into Tammis mouth. Some black tape completes the gag. Tammi is then blindfolded and left struggling on the bed. There are plenty of great barefoot shots as well as shots of Tammis leather-clad ass. When Nina and Sinclare come back, they hang a rope from the ceiling and use it to tie a noose around Tammis neck. They stand her up on a chair and rig the chair so it will be yanked out from under her when someone opens the door. Nina sends a text message to Tammis partner telling him to come and help her. Left alone, Cory tries in vain to break loose but is forced to endure the entire 5 hour wait for her inevitable doom. Jack arrives and heads toward the room. What will happen to Tammi! Cory Lane (Tammi) is one of the best bondage actresses ever and she is excellent in this story. She plays the captured detective with the perfect mixture of defiance and helplessness. Nina is awesome as the sadistic villain. Scene #BG0250
27 minutes. MP4 640×480

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