Dark Intruder – Sinn Sage and Drake



Dark Intruder starring Sinn Sage and Drake.
Both the villain and the victim give thrilling performances in this extremely erotic clip. Sinn comes home and relaxes, unaware that an intruder has stealthily entered the house. He spies on his prey and soaks a cloth. When Sinn leaves the room, he is waiting and pounces on her. Sinn puts up a good fight but the attacker overpowers her. With her usual incredible eye-rolling, Sinn goes limp and sinks to the floor. Drake carries her in his arms to the couch where he toys with her. He strips her naked and enjoys her body. He gropes her, licks her tits, passionately kisses her and (briefly)strokes her pussy. When Sinn awakens, he uses the cloth again and carries her away. A couple of minutes of hot outtakes are included. Scene #KOB0615

The scene is 20 minutes. The MP4 is 1920×1080.

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