Dark Desires – Jolene Hexx and Sablique Von Lux



Dark Desires starring Jolene Hexx and Sablique Von Lux
Two beautiful actresses give excellent performances in this erotic chloroform scene! Jolene and Sablique lie snuggling in bed, enjoying each other’s bodies. They talk about sleepy fantasies and Sablique is intrigued to find that Jolene is excited by unconsciousness. She starts to describe a fantasy and we see it unfold’ Jolene is a spy in hot leather leggings. She sneaks into Sablique’s home and tries to access her computer. While she’s distracted, Sablique spies on her and soaks a cloth with chloroform. Removing her shoes so she won’t be heard, she sneaks up on Jolene and clasps the cloth over her face. With Sablique taunting her, Jolene fights hard for a while but soon her eyes roll and she goes limp. Sablique places Jolene on the floor and starts playing with her. She strips her down to her sexy bra and panties and fondles her luscious body. She sticks her hand into Jolene’s panties and stimulates her. Jolene starts to wake up and Sablique applies the cloth and removes it several times. Jolene’s eyes roll and she moans with semi-conscious pleasure before having an orgasm and passing out. Sablique rubs her body and crotch against Jolene’s limp body and brings herself to an orgasm. Left alone, Jolene wakes up. Realizing what’s happening, she pretends to be asleep again. When Sablique enters, Jolene sneaks up on her and clasps the cloth over her face. Sablique struggles hard but then slowly passes out while Jolene mocks her. Jolene toys with Sablique’s gorgeous body, fondling her, stripping her to her lingerie and applying the the cloth again when Sablique starts to wake up. A few minutes of outtakes are included. Scene #KOB0656

52 minutes. MP4 1920×1080.

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