Danni in Distress – Danni Rivers


here for a video preview of Clip 2.

Danni in Distress starring Danni Rivers
Danni is chloroformed and manhandled repeatedly in this intense scene which features pantyhose and lots of eye checks, face manipulation and carries. In Clip 1, Danni puts on a waitress outfit with orange shorts, white top and pantyhose. She’s unaware that a creepy villain is sneaking up on her. He grabs her and roughly knocks her out. Every time she wakes up, she is roughly chloroformed again. The guy loves Danni’s face and checks her eyes many times. He gags her, once with pantyhose and once with tape. At one point, he orders Danni to change into a business skirt and blouse then knocks her out several more times. In Clip 2, Danni, still in the skirt and blouse, tries to escape. The guy grabs her and chloroforms her. Danni is carried a few times, stripped, groped, chloroformed several more times, more eye checks, etc. About 3 minutes of outtakes are included with Clip 2.
Scene #KOB0708 1920 x 1080 MP4Clip 1 is 28 minutes, Clip 2 is 28 minutes.

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