Danielle in Dreamland – Danielle Trixie



Danielle in Dreamland starring Danielle Trixie
Danielle looks beautiful and gives a fine eye-rolling performance in this creepy chlora scene. In a cute summer dress and sandals, she talks to a friend on the phone, explaining that she keeps blacking out for no reason and waking up naked. She does not know why this is happening. While she talks, scary intruder Tim enters and gets dangerously close to the oblivious Danielle. When she hangs up the phone, Tim pounces on her from behind, clasping a cloth over her mouth and nose. Danielle fights as hard as she can until her eyes roll back and she passes out. Tim picks her up in his arms and holds her for a while then stands her up on the floor and lets her limp body sway back and forth. He carries her in his arms to the bed and strips off her dress. He leaves and, when Danielle awakens, she is horrified to find herself naked. Later, in just her cute pajama top and panties, Danielle goes to bed. Tim suddenly appears and soaks the chloroform cloth. He presses it over Danielle’s face. She wakes up and struggles hard, her eyes wide. The drug takes effect and, with some great eye-rolling, Danielle slips into unconsciousness. Tim picks her up in his arms and carries her away. Scene KOB0537 11 minutes. HD 1280×640.

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