Dancer Goes Down – Darby


Dancer Goes Down starring Darby
Darby auditions to be a dancer in a music video. She shows up in a hot black mini-dress with hose and heels. The creepy interviewer gives her a drugged drink and soon she becomes really tired and starts yawning. As she grows more weary, she has to put up with the guys annoying questions and his cheesy attempts to come on to her. He asks her to show him her dance moves. Barely able to stand, Darby attempts to dance. But soon, her eyes roll up and she falls to the floor unconscious. The guy drags Darby to the couch and continues his lame attempts to impress her even though she can not hear him. After giving her a foot massage, he strips her naked and fondles her lifeless body. When she wakes up, he knocks her out again, this time with a vicious blow to the head. Scene #KOB0297
16 minutes. The Photo Set contains 55 photos. MP4 640×480

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