Cruel and Ticklish Punishment – Charlie Laine and Karlie Montana


Cruel and Ticklish Punishment starring Charlie Laine and Karlie Montana
Charlie and Karlie are roommates who share a very hard geography class at college. The hotties are hanging out at home in tiny shorts and tank tops talking about an upcoming test. Charlie’s worried she will fail, but Karlie isn’t concerned because she has a stolen copy to cheat from. When Karlie wont share the ill-gotten cheat sheet, Charlie ties her up and starts to tickle her. Charlie is determined and merciless, tickling Karlie’s bare feet, soles, and toes. Karlie laughs and squirms on the couch, but she wont give in no matter how hard and relentlessly Charlie tickles her. Charlie leaves to go search the house, hoping to find where Karlie’s hidden the test, and Karlie manages to get free of her ropes. Karlie tackles Charlie and ties her up tightly on the couch. Now it is time for Karlie’s revenge! She tickles Charlie’s ribs, knees, tummy, and feet until Charlie is shrieking in protest. Charlie tries to wiggle her feet away from Karlie’s grasp, but it is useless. Karlie puts Charlies feet up on the coffee table, giving you great shots of her soft, pink soles and toes. Karlie tickles Charlie’s smooth soles until she cant take it anymore, and then she puts Charlie’s bound feet in her lap and tickles her more! 18 minutes. Scene #FTTK0006

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