Crime-fighter Chloroformed – Star


Crime-fighter Chloroformed starring Star
Star is sexy and strong in spandex in this hot scene. Star has a vendetta against villain Tim Woodman because he had kidnapped her once before. She sneaks into his home but he sneaks up on her and presses a chloroform-soaked cloth over her face. He releases her and she staggers away. He follows her and continues to apply small doses of the chloroform, making Star more and more tired and disoriented. Eventually, Star tries to crawl away but Tim chloroforms her on the floor until she’s unconscious. He drags her away, strips her to her pantyhose and gropes her luscious body. When she wakes up and staggers away, he knocks her out again. About a minute of outtakes are included. 13 minutes.  Scene #SHKO0041
MP4  1280×680.

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