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Corporate Hypno Drone – Anastasia Pierce and Mary Jane

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Corporate Hypno Drone starring Anastasia Pierce and Mary Jane Green
Foxy Anastasia gets a phone call at work from master mesmerizer Steve, who uses mind control music to put her in a trance. Once she is under his control, he commands her to get some secret files off of her sexy boss Mary Janes computer for him. When Mary Jane enters the room and catches her red handed, Steve commands Anastasia to seduce her. When MJ asks what she is doing at her computer, she tells her she is turning her screen saver to a picture of her tits. Then, she flashes her and MJ starts sucking on her lovely breasts. Steve makes Anastasia return the favor and suck on MJ’s luscious breasts. Things go from hot to scorching when they start making out with lots of passion and lots of tongue. Anastasia has her hands all over MJ’s wicked ass. Anastasia bends Miss Green over and spanks her famous tattoo. MJ oozes with lust as Anastasia slaps her pale cheeks red. Anastasia takes the files on the CD while MJ’s back is turned, then tells her she is going to get her strap-on. But MJ gets stood up for her date with a dildo and is left horny and rubbing herself through her panties while Anastasia’s off to give Steve the CD. This scene probably has more in it for lesbo fans than for mind control fans but it is a fun story and Anastasia does a fine job looking entranced. 13 minutes. Scene #STR0010
  MP4 640 x 480

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