Conked Out Cousins – Jade Nile and Bella Carrera



Conked Out Cousins
Two incredibly hot girls conk each other on the head in this hilarious clip! Cousins Bella and Jade both want a job from rich Uncle Thad. Bella has a plan. She smacks her cousin with a club! With Jade limp, Bella makes fun of her, moving Jade’s arms around. She can’t resist pulling Jade’s top up and playing with her luscious tits. Bella needs to move Jade to another room. But when she tries to stand her up, Jade’s limp body flops all over. Bella manages to get her to the living room and sits her in a chair. Jade awakens but is quickly put to sleep again with the club. Bella hides behind the chair and when the aging uncle comes in, Bella talks as if she’s Jade and move’s Jade’s arms around like a puppet. Bella tells the uncle that she wants to fuck all the company board members. She even pulls Jade’s top up in front of the uncle. When Jade awakens, she’s totally confused and tries to stagger away. Bela follows her and conks her one last time. Uncle Thad is pretty impressed and offers Bella the job. But, while they talk, Jade awakens and smacks her devious cousin with the club. Of course, Jade gets the job. A couple of minutes of excellent outtakes are included. Scene #KOB0690 15 minutes. 1920×1080.

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