Congressman Chloro – Charlie Laine and Allison Whyte


Congressman Chloro starring Charlie Laine and Allison Whyte
Cocky reporter Charlie, looking very hot in a short skirt, pantyhose and boots, interviews a troubled congressman. She asks one question too many and the lusty lawmaker clasps a chloroform-soaked rag over her face. Charlie fights a bit but her body goes limp and she ends up unconscious on the couch. Charlies lifeless body is stripped, fondled and manipulated. The guy sets up a video camera to film his exploits and then dresses Charlie in several sexy lingerie outfits, each time, manipulating her arms and legs to get her into them. The creepy congressman dresses Charlie in one last outfit and leaves the room. Left alone, Charlie awakens and calls her friend Allison. But when Allison comes to help, both girls are chloroformed and end up unconscious on the floor. Scene #KOB0093

19 minutes. The photo set contains 58 photos. (Due to a technical problem, there are no photos of the scene where both girls are chloroformed.) MP4 640×480.

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