Compelled to Capture starring Cali Logan and Celeste Star


Compelled to Capture starring Cali Logan & Celeste Star
Electron Girl (Celeste) is sleeping comfortably at home when the evil Donovan shows up and soaks a rag with chloroform. When she gets up, he clasps the cloth over her face and forces her down to the bed. She breaks free and run but he grabs her again. Her eyes roll back and she passes out. Her limp body is placed on the bed and Donovan zaps her with a hypnosis ray. Celeste sits up and is completely entranced and under his control. He orders her to put on a sexy villainess costume. Then, he orders her to chloroform herself. She obeys and the villain carries her off to his home. Still in a trance, Celeste is commanded to chloroform her friend Golden Star (Cali) when she arrives. Celeste does as she is told and knocks out the unsuspecting Cali. She fondles her luscious body while Donovan watches and takes photos. Cali awakens tied to a post and Celeste, in her villainess personality, taunts and torments her. Cali is gagged with shiny tape and must endure lots of fondling by her former friend. When Donovan leaves, Celeste removes Calis gag. Cali manages to talk Celeste out of the trance. Celeste tries to untie Cali but Donovan returns and chloroforms both girls. They awaken with their tops and boots off, bound together face to face. Donovan gags both girls and tells them that he will destroy them by firing a laser at them. The two heroines are able to communicate telepathically and come up with a way to defeat their captor. But, once they are untied, the room fills with knock out gas and they slowly pass out. The outtakes contain some brief footage of the gassing scene and some shots of Cali being tied up. But, it is mostly an interview with the girls, which includes some great stocking foot footage. Scene #SHKT0039
37 minutes. The outtakes are 9 minutes. The photo set has 200 photos. MP4 640×480

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