College Girl in Captivity – Charlotte Stokely



College Girl in Captivity starring Charlotte Stokely
Charlotte looks amazing and gives a very believable performance in this hot kidnapping scene! Nice girl Charlotte arrives for a scholarship interview in her plaid skirt, white blouse, knee socks and flats. After chatting a bit with the creepy interviewer, Charlotte is terrified when another guy jumps out and handgags her! Charlotte’s wide, frightened eyes look incredible over the guy’s gloved hand. She agrees not to scream but is very upset when the guy begins to tie her up. Once she’s securely bound, she pleads not to be gagged. But the guy callously stuffs a rag in her mouth and ties a cloth over that. Charlotte is told that she is being held for ransom. Left alone, she struggles. Eventually, she gets her shoes off, giving you some nice socked foot shots. Charlotte attempts to hop away but is quickly grabbed by the villain. Her eyes widen with horror as he starts to grope her luscious body and breasts. He pulls open her blouse, pulls down her bra and enjoys himself. Charlotte is untied and ordered to strip naked. With some protesting, she does as she is told. She is then told to make a video to send to her family. Charlotte looks right at the camera and describes how she has been bound and gagged. She pleads with her family to pay the ransom. Charlotte is then tied up tightly on a bed and, despite more pleading, is gagged with a knotted cloth between her teeth. She struggles hard but can not free herself. The creep returns and cruelly gropes her all over. He informs her that she will be left there, tied up in a closet and he has no idea how long it will take for someone to find her. He ties her own dirty sock over her mouth and puts her on her knees in the closet. Charlotte whimpers pitifully as she is closed in. Then, we see her struggling inside the closet. The excellent outtakes feature footage of Charlotte being tied up and joking around. Scene #BG0730

MP4 1280×680. The scene is 30 minutes. The outtakes are 7 minutes. The photo set has 97 photos.

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