College Girl Auction – Jackie Hoff


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College Girl Auction starring Jackie Hoff
Jackie is cute and sexy and plays the damsel role very well in this exciting scene. Jackie works on her computer, unaware that villain Victor is spying on her. Victor grabs Jackie and handgags her. He threatens her and pushes her into a bedroom where Jackie is made to strip to her panties and high heels. Despite her pleading, Jackie is tightly bound. Victor tapes her mouth and leaves to get his car. Jackie desperately squirms and struggles on the bed. Victor returns and tells Jackie that she will be auctioned off as a sex slave. He then carries her to the garage and places her in his car. Jackie struggles hard but can not free herself. When he returns, Victor soaks a cloth with chloroform. He torments his helpless victim by pressing the cloth to her face several times and pulling it away. Finally, he holds it to her face until she passes out. When they arrive at the villain’s hideout, Victor carries Jackie inside, unties her and gropes her limp body. When Jackie awakens, she pleads to be released. Victor taunts her and orders her to remove her panties. Jackie is tied to a pole and gagged. Victor begins the online auction. He cruelly describes what a great buy Jackie is while he takes bids from his customers. He sells Jackie to the highest bidder. He ties her more securely and carries her to the car. The villain puts chloroform on Jackie’s gag. While she breathes the fumes, her eyes roll and she falls unconscious. The excellent Outtakes, which are sold separately, include lots of second camera footage of the bondage. There is no knock out content in the Outtakes. The Scene is 43 minutes. The Outtakes are 26 minutes. Scene #KOTI0236

HD MP4 1920×1080
Full Scene HD – 1.5GB
Outtakes HD – 1GB


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