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College Cheerleaders in Captivity – Ashley Lane, Scarlett Mae, Harmony Wonder



College Cheerleaders in Captivity starring Ashley Lane, Scarlett Mae, Harmony Wonder
Three stunning actresses and 2 legendary villains (Jon Woods, Tim Woodman) star in this incredible damsel in distress story! Clip 1 is almost all limp fetish with some bondage. College cheerleaders Ashley, Harmony and Scarlett arrive at a secluded house after their car gets 4 flat tires. The man inside invites the girls in to use the phone. While Ashley tries to make a call, Harmony goes to the restroom and Scarlett is stuck making small talk with the sinister Jon. Ashley is having trouble with the phone and doesn’t notice Tim sneaking up on her. He grabs her and clasps a cloth over her face! She struggles hard but then the cloth takes effect and Ashley, with lots of eye-rolling, goes limp in his arms. Tim picks Ashley up and puts her on the bed. Harmony freshens up in the bathroom and Tim sneaks in behind her. He attacks her with the cloth. She also fights hard but then goes limp. Tim picks her up over his shoulder and carries Harmony to the bed where he places her next to Ashley. Meanwhile, Scarlett’s conversation with Jon gets creepier. She goes to check on her friends and is horrified to find them limp on the bed. Tim grabs Scarlett and handbags her. He and Jon torment poor Scarlett, threatening her and groping her hot body. Scarlett is ordered to gag herself with packing and tape. When Ashley starts to awaken, Scarlett is ordered to grope her friend. Ashley is very disoriented and cared. Scarlett is ordered to use the cloth on Ashley. She holds it over her face until Ashley goes limp. Scarlett is then made to fondle Harmony who also starts to awaken. She then has to use the cloth on Harmony. But the villains aren’t done yet. They make Scarlett put herself to sleep with the cloth. With all 3 girls limp, the guys get to work groping and playing with them. In Clip 2, all 3 girls are lying limp on the bed, tightly bound. Ashley awakens first and begins pleading with her captors. The villains taint her and silence her protests with packing and tape. Harmony awakens next and is quickly handgagged. Scarlett awakens just in time to see her friend being gagged. The villains explain that they were responsible for the girls flat tires and that they plan to sell the girls to a wealthy buyer. They cruelly taunt the girls and grope their breasts and bodies. Later, the girls are bound on a sofa, their mouths still taped. The guys torment them endlessly, groping and partially stripping each girl while the other girls watch. They push the girls together, rubbing their tits against each other. They even make the girls kiss through their gags. While the girls whimper and plead, the guys have fun, rating and comparing the girls tits and asses.  In Clip 3, the girls are tied in a bizarre position, lying face down on the bed in a triangle with ropes connecting each girls neck to another’s ankles. So each girl has another’s bare feet in her face. The girls whimper and struggle as much as they can. The villains enter. They taunt the girls cruelly and grope their vulnerable asses. The girls are horrified to hear that they have been bought and will be delivered to their new owner…but not for a week. Until then, they will have to stay here and endure more torment. A week later, the girls are bound, standing with rope leashes. The buyer arrives to pick up his merchandise and the girls are lead away. In a short epilogue, the buyer returns with Ashley and complains she is not submissive enough. Tim and Jon say they will give her more training. Ashley is ballgagged and the guys tie her in a cruel position with her arms pulled up behind her. Ashley struggles against the painful ropes. Tim gropes her and humiliates her. The exciting outtakes include a few minutes of bloopers and unused stuff from the regular footage. Most of it is from a second camera that was running during a large part of the shoot. There’s footage of the girls being tied, alternate angles of some of the bondage.  The outtakes are mostly bondage…only a couple of minutes of knock out footage.  The Special Edit Clip contains just the knock out portion of the scene…from the beginning of the story to just past where Scarlett wakes up. It also has the knock out outtakes. Scene #KOTI0232

Clip 1 is 22 minutes, Clip 2 is 31 minutes, Clip 3 is 15 minutes. The Outtakes are 35 minutes. The Special Edit Clip is 30 minutes. MP4 1920×1080

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