Cocktail Waitress KO – Celeste Star


Cocktail Waitress KO starring Celeste Star
Celeste comes home on her lunch break from her job as a waitress. She looks very cute in her tuxedo blouse, black bow tie, skirt, pantyhose and heels. Little does she know that a vicious criminal is in the house. He has been hired to keep her unconscious for the next six hours so an assassination can take place at the restaurant where she works. After soaking a cloth in chloroform, the villain sneaks up behind Celeste and quickly clasps the cloth over her nose and mouth. Celeste fights hard to stay conscious, but the drug weakens her. Gradually, her eyes get heavy and her body goes limp until finally she falls unconscious in his arms. He moves her over to the kitchen counter where she is left slumped over the counter for a moment. He carries her to the bedroom where he lays her on the bed and, unable to resist her sleepy charms, he proceeds to strip and fondle her. He rubs and caresses her lifeless body. Celestes tan body is slender, sexy and natural. The villain takes some pictures of her on his cell phone and sends them to an accomplice, then leaves her alone for a while. Celeste wakes up and, in a daze, wanders around the house wearing only her blouse and trying to remember what happened. As she stagger through a long hallway, the hired thug creeps up and applies a short does of chloroform to the unsuspecting Celeste. The cruel bastard then lets Celeste stagger away again. Following her closely, he applies the chloroform briefly a few more times, sending Celeste into a semi-conscious state. The helpless girl pleads to be left alone but the guy corners her on the couch and, in an excellent scene, chloroforms her from the front. Later, Celeste wakes up and stumbles back down the hallway into the bedroom. The creep is waiting and, once again, he tortures Celeste with the chloroform, applying it and then releasing her before finally knocking her completely unconscious and leaving her on the bed. Scene #KOB0274
15 minutes. The photo set contains 103 photos. MP4 640×480

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