Cloud of Pleasure – Brooke Johnson and Jolene Hexx


Clip 1 Preview
Clip 2 Preview

Cloud of Pleasure starring Brooke Johnson and Jolene Hexx
An extremely erotic chloroform scene featuring 2 incredible actresses! In Clip 1, Jolene invites Brooke over to her house after they met at a night club. Jolene begins her seduction by giving Brooke a foot massage. Things get hotter as the girls start touching each other sensuously. Suddenly, Jolene clasps a chloroform soaked cloth over Brooke’s face. Brooke is shocked and fights hard. But the drug takes effect and, with plenty of great eye-rolling, Brooke passes out. Jolene gropes her helpless friend. The scene gets very erotic as Jolene gropes her helpless friend. Jolene moans with pleasure as she rubs her own crotch…and Brooke’s. When Brooke starts to awaken, Jolene knocks her out again. Jolene has a thunderous orgasm. It’s so intense that she passes out next to Brooke. Some excellent outtakes are included with Clip 1. They feature unused footage from the chloro scenes as well as alternate edits of them.  In Clip 2, Jolene wakes up to find Brooke gone. She steps into the hall and Brooke sneaks up behind her and chloroforms her. The unconscious Jolene is dragged into the bedroom and dropped onto the bed where Brooke quickly begins fondling her. The action gets hotter as more clothes come off and Brooke really gets into it playing with Jolene and herself. Jolene wakes up and uses the cloth on a very willing Brooke. She applies the cloth a few times and brings Brooke to a screaming orgasm. The girls place the cloth between their faces and breathe the fumes. They pass out together side by side. Clip 2 ends with a few minutes of outtakes including a fun, sexy interview with the models. Scene #KOB0764

HD MP4 1920×1080
Clip 1 is 33 minutes (1.3GB)
Clip 2 is 26 minutes (1GB)

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