Closet Captive – Jade Nile



Closet Captive starring Jade Nile
Jade is being robbed. She’s tied up in her home and struggles hard. But the burglar comes back, packs her mouth and gags her. The creep orders Jade to stay put and leaves her there. Jade struggles hard and whimpers through her gag. Kicking the shoes off her stocking feet, she hops quite a long way into the living room. She falls to the floor and tries to free herself. But the bad guy comes back. Jade is untied but still gagged and the villain and his accomplice discuss what to do with her. They order her to strip naked. Jade whimpers with fear as she undresses. She ends up bound and gagged with silver tape. The creeps taunt her cruelly then lock her in the closet. Jade squirms and struggles but it is hopeless. A few minutes of outtakes are included. 20 minutes. Scene #BG0809

MP4 1920×1080

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