Cleo Bound 2 – Cleo Nichole


Cleo Bound 2 – Hot bondage vignettes starring popular model Cleo Nichole, with ropework by Loren Chance.
Cleo is completely nude for all the scenes. In Clip 1, she struggles on a couch while hogtied with rope, blindfolded and gagged with a bandana between her teeth. Then Cleo is bound and gagged on the same couch, this time with silver duct tape. She squirms her way off the couch and across the hardwood floor. She squirms quite a long distance to a bedroom where she tries unsuccessfully to free her hands with some scissors. In Clip 2, Cleo is bound to a chair with her ankles together. She is gagged with white tape and blindfolded with a strip of cloth. As she struggles, there are some nice close-ups of her face and her bound feet and hands. Next, Cleo is in a bathtub bound with rope and gagged with a cloth between her teeth. She manages to climb out of the tub and squirm her way through the house to a bedroom where, once again, she tries unsuccessfully to get free. In Clip 3, Cleo is hogtied on the hardwood floor in her kitchen and gagged with white tape. She squirms her way across the floor to a phone but it is no use. Cleo is then bound standing. Her wrists are tied to a large staircase and her ankles and knees are bound. A white tape gag silences her pleas as she struggles in vain. Scene #BG0450

Clip 1 is 21 minutes. Clip 2 is 16 minutes. Clip 3 is 14 minutes. The photo set contains 76 photos.

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