Chlorotica: Eva Long



Chlorotica: Eva Long
A hot scene with some POV shots! Sultry, sexy Eva teases you as she knocks herself out with chloroform. Looking amazing in her her sheer black lingerie and stockings, Eva asks what you’d like to do tonight. You hand her a bottle and cloth and she’s very intrigued. She soaks the cloth and holds it to her face. Her eyes roll and she becomes sleepy. She applies the cloth a few more times, her eyes fluttering each time. Finally, she sits up and holds it to her face until she falls over unconscious. You can’t resist her luscious body so you fondle her. When Eva awakens, she’s really turned on. She soaks the cloth again and breathes in the fumes. She does this a few times, getting progressively sleepier. Finally, she falls over and passes out. Once again, you reach in and grope her gorgeous body. You remove her shoes and play with her feet. Eva awakens again and is even more turned on. She soaks the cloth and breathes the fumes while she strips naked for you. Then, she knocks herself unconscious. Scene #KOB0666.

25 minutes. 1280×720.

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