Chlorotica: Eva Long 2


Chlorotica: Eva Long 2 starring Eva Long
Eva is sleepy and seductive in this hot POV clip. Eva is bored and asks what you want to do tonight. She wonders if you’d like to play your favorite game. Eva gets a cloth and bottle and teases you about what she’s going to do. She soaks the cloth in chloroform and enjoys the scent. She holds the cloth to her face a few times, breathing the fumes. Finally, she holds it to her face until she goes limp. You reach in and touch her limp body. When Eva awakens, she wants to do it again. Once again, she teases you by holding the cloth to her face. Then she holds it for a long time and, with eyes fluttering, she goes to sleep. 10 minutes. 1920×1080 Scene #KOB0686

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